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When I'm not in my shop working on a job, I'm still in my shop working! There's always something to do - from renovating our house to interesting projects for family and friends. 

My wife Carol and I live in an old circa 1911 Arts & Crafts-style home. We bought it in 1984 and since then have been making improvements. As of 2004, it has a new porch, family room addition, 2-story garage, new roof, replacement windows, and (gasp!) vinyl siding. Okay, so I hired someone to install the siding so at least my hands are clean! Otherwise we do much of the work ourselves - it keeps us busy but we love it.

I hope you enjoy viewing some of my personal projects (past and present) as much as I have enjoyed creating them. I welcome your comments.

Some Favorite Links:

Japanese anime.

Ice sculptures.

My ultimate candystore.

Wooden Boats
by Michael Ruhlman

I can relate to the pride that these boat builders regard their craft. Recommended.

Fine Woodworking
I wrote an article about angled tenons that first appeared in this magazine.

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