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Science Fair Booth

Kathy and Judy, the exuberant hosts of a radio talk show on WGN AM 720, held a Girlfriends Science Fair on October of 2003. Various silly and superficial topics were explored in the booths set up by members of their listening audience, affectionately known as "Girlfriends". You can see the booths here.

As an honorary "Girlfriend", I volunteered to illustrate Kathy and Judy's oft-quoted theory that good lighting is the secret for good appearance. This was the result - a booth that can be darkened with a drape and various lighting sources switched on so the viewers can see their appearance in a mirror. The choices were daylight, cool white fluorescent, plain or pink incandescent, candlelight or no light at all. A polling place was set up to see what light source was preferred. The women participants overwhelmingly voted for the pink incandescent while a few men opted for daylight. This booth won Best of Show - Carol and I won a pair of tickets to Kathy and Judy's annual convention in February 2004. See photos from the convention here.

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