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This tansu or Japanese storage chest is rather eclectic in style and color but it seems to fit in fine in our Arts and Crafts home. The fabric-covered grill hides the speakers and is decorated with the Koizumi family crest. The luan battens of the end doors are from wood bar clamps that my grandfather made as a young man. It was a way to honor my late grandfather who was a big influence on my choosing this career. I spent many hours in his workshop as a boy. 

My son Kevin helped put in the many nails that hold the battens together. Brass door handles are in the form of butterflies and drawer pulls also feature our crest. Green granite tiles line the top.

Dining Room Set

The table was straight- forward Mission design. Steel rails allow the table to adjust from 9' long to 6' long. The chairs were based on a Stickley design and very challenging to build. I developed a routing fixture to cut compound angled tenons and it became the basis for an article in Fine Woodworking Magazine. (Vol. 114)

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